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SCP99 – Ukraine bans opposition, seizes their assets while Trudeau world tour defends democracy

SCP98 – Trudeau can’t provide basic functions of government as globalist plans fall apart

SCP97 – The entire global beef industry has this massive vulnerability

SCP96 – Collapse of Trudeau hits mainstream, we show WHY patriots are on the verge of winning Canada

SCP95 – Trudeau and Singh party support collapses as leadership could end both parties forever

SCP94 – How non-religious can start understanding the hidden Holy War shaping the world

SCP93 – Dr. Bryan Ardis is back! Docs could have vaccine cure. Holy war is raging behind the scenes

SCP92 – Canadian politicians should take a good look at Sri Lanka – revolt could be coming for them

SCP91 – WHO forced to backtrack due to global backlash, Poilievre bill would ban mandates forever

SCP90 – Trudeau gun grab signals plan to use violence against Canadians. Singh betrays Sikhs.

Canada is an unbreakable opponent. This is why victory is inevitable.

SCP89 – RCMP and Elections Alberta officially investigating Jason Kenney for election fraud

SCP88 – Interview: Col. Douglas Macgregor – The real Ukraine/Russia for political/military insiders

SCP87 – Evidence freedom movement has hit the majority and World Economic Forum are doomed

SCP86 – Trudeau for first degree murder? It’s already in the works.

SCP85 – Interview: Tasha Fishman returns victorious, Jason Kenney could go down for election fraud.

How Canadian freedom fighters took down Alberta’s globalist Premiere – Start to finish

SCP84 – MIND BLOWING Interview: Dr. Bryan Ardis how v’d people can save themselves and SO MUCH MORE!

SCP83 – Trudeau caught using foreign defense contractors vs convoy to bypass Canadian military!

SCP82 – As Western Globalists collapse, has the Pope switched sides?

SCP81 – BC goes full racist, Jason Kenney hopes Albertans forget he is a Trudeau puppet

SCP80 – Bologna introduces social credit score, Mastercard working with UN to track your carbon

SCP79 – Rolling Thunder honors vets, society waking up makes mask freaks crazed outsiders

SCP78 – Rolling thunder launches with a party! We highlight the rise of the great awakening

SCP77 – Trudeau Government senate bill C-7 doctors to suicide depressed people

SCP76 – Globalist media collapses, losing legal battles, this may signal politicians are next

SCP75 – How graphene nanotechnology can self-arrange and hack your brain

SCP74 – We SHRED Dr. Richard Fleming’s attempt to debunk Ardis’ Venom theory on Infowars.

SCP73 – Bombshell! Covid is a government issued poison! We show you the proof of Bryan Ardis

SCP72 – Is China in on the plan, or a victim of the globalists? Bart’s analysis of Matt Ehret theory

SCP70 – Interview: Hero James Topp on his 4,300km historical march for freedom in Canada

SCP69 – Hero Dr Noack murdered for this info. Plus we investigate Saturn worship. Elites big secret?

SCP68 – Australia caught RED HANDED using weather warfare on it’s own people? This could be huge

SCP67 – BOMBSHELL Theory no more! Australian Senate blows nanotech conspiracy open, say its genocide

SCP66 – Massive inflation hits Europe, governments plot to eliminate cash for total control

SCP65 – Dr Eric Payne gives inside look at the medical industry in Canada and answers hard questions

SCP64 – Attorney Todd Calendar: Everyone who has taken the shots should test themselves for AIDS

SCP63 – Prosecutors rain down charges on Trudeau opponents. Ukraine begins castrating Russian POWs

SCP62 – Jason Kenney about to fix Alberta leadership election – how to fix it and lots more

SCP61 – Nazi propaganda targeting truth movement, so we explore the history of evil.

SCP60 – NDP declares themselves for Trudeau, will become scapegoats for communism

SCP59 – True horrors revealed, Health officials resigning worldwide, and lots more

SCP58 – Doctors and nurses are questioning the narrative, may uncover a history of deceit

SCP57 – Freedom Convoy insider: Truckers know the stakes and will keep coming until they win

SCP56 – Volunteers fighting for Ukraine being trapped, passports cut by Nazi army

SCP55 – Erin O’toole exposes Trudeau sending bioweapons to Wuhan, Aus MP says UN and WEF in charge

SCP54 – UN security council meeting shows globalists are exposed, losing support and collapsing

SCP53 – Globalists build mercenary army of extremists to defend their bioweapons in Ukraine

SCP52 – Covid narrative gone, Trudeau needs war to distract and climate agenda to bankrupt Canadians

SCP51 – Russia reveals plague, anthrax, cholera and more in Ukraine labs funded by US

SCP50 – Sweden study proves jabs hack your DNA – Chile passes law to protect mutants

SCP49 – Trudeau and Freeland are arming and training a real actual Nazi army in Ukraine

SCP48 – UK statistics bombshell! Vaccinated mortality rates are through the roof, especially 3vaxxed

SCP47 – Trudeau is passing 3 bills RIGHT NOW that will end freedom in Canada

SCP46 – Ukraine lies distracting you from saving your own country

SCP45 – Trudeau disappears billions of dollars, Putin tells Klaus Schwab his plan will fail

SCP44 – Globalist weakness gives Russia an opening to hit their major stronghold of Ukraine

SCP43 – Time for media accountability – and our pre-invasion thoughts on the Ukraine situation

SCP42 – Senate ends Trudeau’s Emergency act, National Review incoming (He’s in trouble)

SCP41 – Trudeau and NDP passes Emergency Act. Police start hunting patriotic Canadians

SCP40 – The day the police abandoned the people – Trudeau uses foreign mercenaries in Ottawa

SCP39 – Freedom Convoy wins first major battle of WW3, deals massive damage to the Trudeau regime

SCP38 – Trudeau’s Reichstag moment – Has disabled lady trampled by warhorses, police kidnappings

SCP37 – The battle reaches fever pitch, but to cope with the pressure Truckers must keep morale high

SCP36 – Public opinion is crumbling politicians, Trudeau & police only have fear tactics

Exploring Trudeau’s connections with some of the world’s most notorious elites

SCP35 – Trudeau made a huge mistake, even his biggest defenders are jumping ship

SCP34 – Trudeau has played his last card, makes move to complete dictatorship of Canada.

SCP33 – Even if Freedom Convoy gets vaxx passes defeated, the government has a backup plan

SCP32 – We must finish this before crumbling regimes go to war – Military and Police should activate

SCP31 – A police and military convoy could secure safety and complete the victory in Canada

SCP30 – Freedom Convoy won’t be fooled by bait & switch of politicians

Why is everybody afraid of Bill Gates?

SCP29 – Freedom Convoy can become immune to Kettling and win media war with one move

SCP28 – Ottawa declares a state of emergency so they can start breaking laws

These simple Freedom Convoy tactics will make them immune to police interference

Ottawa admits wire fraud against AMERICANS? Ron DeSantis could END them!

SCP27 – While other countries gain inspiration from Canada, Ottawa police chief threatens Canadians

SCP26 – How Trudeau, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have been plotting against Canada

SCP25 – Go Australia! And are the police and military ready to join the Freedom Convoy?

SCP24 – Freedom Convoy cancels O’Toole, Conservatives still poisoned. Police Chief threatens to KILL

SCP23 – Freedom Convoy scores wins in Canada and worldwide as Trudeau on brink of collapse

SCP22 – Freedom Convoy – O’Toole’s weak support reveals he’s a fraud, and we SHRED National Post

SCP21 – Freedom Convoy 2022 has the goods! They will free Canada!

SCP20 – Freedom Convoy 2022 rolls into Ottawa with its demands, but may need to play hardball

SCP19 – Interview: Health practitioner exposes federal funds being weaponized against programs

SCP18 – Klaus Schwab brags he controls Trudeau and Cabinet, Military in serious danger!

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Saving Canada Podcast Episode 10 – Pfizer CEO declares vaccines obsolete, crippling Canadian government’s mandate plans

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