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SCP172 – Quick draw news day, MPs laugh at Jagmeet Singh for pretending he will be PM. Pfizer’s covid shot officially linked to blood clots by FDA (finally) as vax agenda faces further collapse. Baby Alex killed by Washington State hospital, provided blood swapped out for vaccinated blood. FIFA rejects speech from Zelensky. EU reaches agreement to force all European citizens to pay for carbon. More news and analysis!
SCP171 – Yukon taxpayers now paying for cosmetic surgery for transgender people. Alberta starts opening freedom schools to get away from Marxist public schools. Liberals win Mississauga election with hackable voting machines. Zelenskyy disbands corruption court in Ukraine. Peru declares state of emergency.
SCP170 – (Headline near end of video) Bart is drunk on Alberta Rye, but we do the news anyway! Bitchute has their bank frozen. Yale, Skull & Bones and the origin of Johns Hopkins. Blackrock and Vanguard abandon the New World Order, they seem closer to defeat than ever before. More news and political analysis.
(Part 4/4 of Saturn Philosophy Series) In this instalment, philosopher Troy McLachlan explains how the Saturnian philosophy mixes with King Solomon, fractional reserve banking, occult practices, and a constantly creeping elitist entitlement complex to repeatedly collapse empires, including the fall of Rome.
Check out Troy McLachlan’s website explaining the history and cosmology of Saturn/Electric Universe theory
(Part 3/4 of Saturn Philosophy Series) In this instalment, philosopher Troy McLachlan explains the cosmology of the electric universe model that explains how Saturn may have been our first sun and the subject of all ancient religions worship. Then we discuss how cosmic mythology turned into human sacrifice and paedophilia.
Check out Troy McLachlan’s website explaining the history and cosmology of Saturn/Electric Universe theory
(Part 2/4 of Saturn Philosophy Series) In this instalment of the Saturn philosophy series, philosopher Troy McLachlan takes us from Genesis and the origins of Natural Law through the history and theology that prevailed in the earliest times in recorded history up to the modern battle between the parasite class’ subjective version of law and the fair and balanced system demanded by the people.
Check out Troy McLachlan’s website explaining the history and cosmology of Saturn/Electric Universe theory
(Part 1/4 of Saturn philosophy series) We interview Troy McLachlan, one of the world’s most out-of-the-box philosophers in this first instalment of our Saturn Philosophy Series. This section aims to get at the root of problems faced by politicians, doctors, lawyers and others who are coming up against corruption in their obviously evil systems. He is the Author of The Saturn Death Cult: The link between planetary catastrophes, ancient mythology and occult ritual. We analyze the Elites’ repeated use of the Doomsday Paradigm to cause panic in the masses and take authoritarian and monetary control of nations, a cycle that has been going back thousands of years. We talk history, theology, law, cosmology and philosophy as we delve into the minds of our parasitic corruption class.
Check out Troy McLachlan’s website explaining the history and cosmology of Saturn/Electric Universe theory
SCP169 – An absolute bombshell drops as US Senators Mike Braun, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley and Ron Johnson Send Scathing Letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Beccerra Regarding HHS Whistleblower’s Claims of Child Trafficking. New Zealand Nazis take baby Will from parents to force him to use vaccinated blood during surgery. Rishi Sunak tanking conservative party, may not last long as UK PM. Whole world is flooded with news of Vaccine injuries and death. Peru president ousted after attempting to dissolve congress. China protests burn down concentration camp.
SCP168 – Zelenskyy wins Financial Times man of the year for definitely not being a Nazi criminal. We analyze the “Proud Youth” statue in Vancouver, which may be an homage to ritual sacrifice. Corrupt Ottawa politicians make committee to steal Convoy millions, divide it among co-conspirators. Brazil’s Bolsonaro sends military to take out communist cartel leaders in apparent (to some speculators) move against Lula. Who for some reason has a lot of cartel support.
SCP167 – Globalist implosions worldwide. We open with more information on Kanye West possibly planning to bring a Nazi clothing line in for the globalists. Ursula Van Der Leyen accidentally lets slip Ukraine’s army is destroyed. Bolsonaro hires new generals, military appears to move against stolen election. Chrystia Freeland caught with an illegal ear piece? Who is giving her orders? Paralympian/veteran told by Canadian government to kill herself if she’s tired of waiting for a wheelchair lift. China police and fire fighters join the fight against federal government. Netherlands sends out Nazi police to throw protestors in black windowless vans. More news and political analysis, we sort out the confusion.
SCP166 – Monique MacKay talks about how staged hospitals for the narrative and other government policies killed Canadians. Then we get into her experience with the Australian prison (“quarantine”) camps she had to endure twice. We finish talking about moms marching on Ottawa on December 4 along with our veterans. A true freedom fighter and hero that has had the full Canadian WW3 experience and is fighting the whole way.
Check out her instagram @ independent_journalism_
SCP165 – This episode blew our minds as we connect so many dots in the globalists twisted machine. Kanye West blows up the internet by saying “I love Hitler,” denies holocaust and defends Nazis on Infowars. We analyze evidence of whether he is part of a globalist plan. Judaism and the Saturn Death Cult meet head on in the year 1666. Baalenciaga (Baal Is King) make a deal with Zelenskyy to manage refugees. Could not make this stuff up. Who knows how many have fallen into the hands of a Satanic organization?
SCP164 – Klaus Schwab thinks he can sneak the Swastika (actually Nazi hooked cross) back into the mainstream. Instead he has only exposed himself further as even skeptics take notice. Kanye West calls out celebrities for defending paedophilia. California releases thousands of Paedophiles after less than a year of prison. China in revolt against Xi Jinping. Trudeau’s Liberals televised laughing and talking about solidifying the Emergency Act as a tool to shut down future protests. Mohave County Arizona election certifier states he must certify under duress or go to jail. Lots more news and analysis, this was a fun one.
SCP163 – Emergency act hearings are over and Justin Trudeau uses his imagination as justification for the use of brutal political violence. BC throws out democratic process, uses “closure” to push dangerous health care bill mandating vaccines to health workers through with no time for anyone to read. Leader of Diagolon Jeremy Mackenzie released on bail. Doctor who ended Lobotomy in the US sees similar effects being done by vax damage to the brain. 80% of Canadians have not taken booster shot in 6 months. Balenciaga child porn scandal found TIED to Rachel Chandler, Epstein and Pedogate.
SCP162 – It sounds insane, but as time runs out for the globalists they are ramping up their Nazi agenda to warp speed. Hitler did this in the final years of WW2, and hopefully this is a sign the globalists are seeing their end on the horizon. Elon musk is making it priority #1 to expose and end paedophilia on Twitter. Major brand Balenciaga caught with paedophilia in Instagram ads. New Premier David Ely to propose Nazi style confiscation laws for British Columbia. Liberals, NDP AND Parti Quebecois all want the assisted suicide program to allow mothers to kill babies up to a year old with severe syndromes. Brazil’s Bolsonaro might be nearing a military coup, with support of the Brazilian armed forces. Muchos more news and politics.
SCP161 – Massive variety of world news, Canada news, US news and the clown world is in full force. Funny bits off the start, then we get into the election thievery exploding into mainstream narrative. Chris Sky launches RED ALERT SOS to shut down British Columbia’s bill C-36 or the health system could be destroyed. Biden crime family exposed further, his father was a corrupt union boss. So much more news and politics.
SCP160 – Doctors will love this interview. Dr. Eric Payne has been freedom fighting from the inside of Alberta’s health system. Currently at U of Calgary, Previously of Mayo clinic and Master of Public Health from Harvard. Pediatric Neurologist specializing in epilepsy & neurocritical. We see his perspective as a doctor who is aware of the sinister side of the covid “pandemic.” How other doctors who feel alone can join the fight.
SCP159 – Election madness! #Brazilwasstolen has millions in the streets protesting their stolen election. How a Berlin election was just negated, and could be key for Kari Lake in Arizona. Zelensky bombs Poland and lies to try and bring NATO into hot WW3. January 6 patriots still being held in medieval conditions beg for a transfer to Guantanamo Bay to end their torture. Nations talk digital travel ID at G20 summit.
SCP158 – Huge episode, you don’t want to miss all this info, title can’t even get close. We spot Trudeau apparently trying to replace wife Sophie. Viva Frei goes guns blazing, exposes Trudeau’s medical suicide operation on twitter. One of 5 survivors of first mRNA trial says 200,000 people died from original trial leaving only 5 who survived heart surgery. Fixed elections leave county re-alignment one of few options to save America. Ukraine money laundering operation collapses with one tweet exposing FTX crypto exchange (Thanks Elon!) 12+ countries apply to join BRICS alliance. Nigel Farage to create next great British party? Game developer invents VR headset that kills the player if they lose. SO MUCH packed into this episode you cannot miss this one!
Thanks to @Ozmoticus for the Azovstal video
SCP157 – “Vaxxed to the max” lawyer collapses during Emergency Act hearing. Aaron Carter video surfaces saying Sony Music trying to kill him, brother Nick is a rapist and they’re all in on it. Alberta doctor blows lid on how doctors were threatened to keep silent. Arizona elections feature Dominion vote fixing. Former VP and Chief Scientist at Pfizer Mike Yeadon: These people are Satanic. Victoria’s Secret using all transexuals?
SCP156 – One of the most important interviews ever, we address Danielle Smith and Alberta directly as to how they can set up Alberta Health to rescue the vaccinated from injury and death. Massive new information has broken about the exact workings of the vax, the delivery of aerosol and waterborne bioweapons, and how to prove all of this is happening. Canada and Alberta have the opportunity to blow this wide open and save the world from the globalists’ most brutal weapon of war.
Check out Dr. Ardis’ podcast:
SCP155 – Full election day analysis, Bart shows his perspective on what really happened and why 90% of Republicans are confused. How to get your head back in the game, Democrat head games are behind Republican division. It’s all about the machines! Patriots turned out bigly.
SCP154 – Brazil supreme court declares questioning elections illegal, protests undemocratic as patriots call general strike to flood the capital. Smartmatic software in Brazil & US voting machines. MAGA set for red tsunami in US election. Saskatchewan joins Danielle Smith’s rebellion, shattering Trudeau and WEF plans for Canada dictatorship.
SCP153 – Brazil and Pakistan go full force in support of their populist leaders. Babies dying being logged as stillborn in Britain. Canada’s corrupt judges now in spotlight as Convoy organizers expose the real story before the nation. Clarington Ontario bombshell exposes unverifiable elections. Italy refuses to let fighting age men arrive as “migrants.” Elon Musk clears twitter of globalist operational staff.
SCP152 – Brazil election discussion shut down by YouTube, making the steal more obvious than ever. Director of CIA told Bolsonaro to accept election results BEFORE the election. Populist Pakistani leader Imran Khan assassination attempt fails. Is Elon Musk trying to trick us? More news and analysis.
SCP151 – Things blew up in Brazil much like we predicted, as Freedom Convoys take over the nation! Trudeau is getting demolished in Emergency Act hearings, but now CBC is in the lawyers’ crosshairs for collusion. This could open a can of worms that threatens their federal funding. Russia blames UK for sabotage. More news and analysis.
SCP150 – We open by analyzing how the Brazil election was probably stolen with voting machines. Public order to abduct children of Freedom Truckers came from Trudeau’s cabinet. Disney wants to implement K-12 gay schools. Canadian nudist bashes Paul Pelosi with a hammer. We did not make this news up.
SCP149 – We cover the election wars. Chaos bubbling to the surface in the US, all while Danielle Smith and Alberta patriots have shattered the globalist glass ceiling in provincial politics. Elon Musk finalizes his Twitter purchase eliminating a major pillar of the globalists war machine. Rishi Sunak in UK goes immediately full leftist. We analyze it all and how Dominion voting systems and China have orchestrated the global takeover.
SCP148 – Tons of big world news. We open with Canada, Ontario Premier Doug Ford trying to use lawyers to get out of testifying at emergency act inquiry. Justice throws out Brian Peckford case for “mootness.” Trudeau could have lost his seat in parliament if Barry Sherman found guilty of breaking election laws. So instead he was found murdered. Rishi Sunak selected British PM – he will fast track biometric data tracking. Xi Jinping has former Chinese president Hu Jintao dragged out of biggest annual meeting in China. Danielle Smith hits Alberta with truth bombs. So much more!
SCP147 – Evidence mounts that Zelensky is hiding out in California. Liz Truss resigns as British PM. We predicted the backlash, now examine the possibilities behind the scenes in Britain. Massive Hunter Biden laptop report sent to all members of congress documenting 459 laws broken. Vax may include known horse sterilization drug. George Soros may be behind Kanye West $250M lawsuit. SO MUCH MORE NEWS and analysis.
SCP146 – Ukraine and Russia line up for a massive NATO invasion of Kherson that seems suicidal. Bombshell admission, Trudeau blocked truckers from leaving to call emergency act and impose violent military retribution. Mayor and police both admit neither called for emergency act, leaving Trudeau solely responsible. Canadian armed forces declare dire recruitment and personnel crisis while at the same time firing unvaccinated soldiers. Nobody wants to join military due to Trudeau’s leadership. So much more news and politics.
SCP145 – Incumbent politicians get destroyed in BC elections. We check out Ken Sim, the new mayor of Vancouver. Is he elected legitimately, or did the new Dominion voting machines put him there? Boston University developed “The most deadly strain of Covid ever” for some reason. Democrats caught with scam hurricane relief charity, funds democrat election ads in Florida. More news and analysis.
Interview: Tasha Fishman – Tasha Fishman is back dropping truth bombs again! Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale starting truth media platform. Newspaper shows how to commit election fraud to stop freedom movement. Unschooling – How this shift in education is breaking children out of indoctrination. Great conversation as always.
Check out her website for how to save your children:
SCP144 – Trudeau turns liberals into laughingstocks as he brings a series of hypochondriacs, karens and extreme exaggerators with no real evidence in front of the Emergency Act commission. Canadian armed forces rushing to fire all remaining unvaccinated soldiers from the military after removing vax mandate. California makes it illegal for doctors to disagree with politicians. Media ignores biggest civil rights case in Canadian history as Brian Peckford exposes government fraud in court. Planned Parenthood accused in Texas of election fraud. Another German pipeline hit by apparent sabotage. So much more news and political analysis.
SCP143 – Packed news day. Trudeau, Freeland look screwed in the upcoming Emergency Act review. Pierre Poilievre spouts globalist warmongering rhetoric, prompting backlash from his own base. Ontario doctors want to use drugs and psychotherapy on “vaccine hesitant.” Moderna comes out with “heart repairing” “vaccines.” French politician accuses Macron of faking vax status. Democrats mass exodus from party before election. UK facing migrant army being formed in secret?
SCP142 – Packed news episode. Canadian patriots appear on verge of total domination of globalists. Alberta’s Danielle Smith victory as new Premier completes a months long battle for patriots to take back their province. We analyze the vote totals as election integrity must become top priority for conservatives. World Economic Forum plan for Digital ID includes all your biometric data for surveillance. France protesters want to leave NATO and EU as globalists destroy the country. Tons of international news analyzed.
SCP141 – Crazy episode don’t miss this one! Winnipeg doctors suicide ALS patient rather than finding her appropriate care. Zelenskyy tells NATO to nuke Russia. Trudeau’s political collapse hits pathetic levels as supporters abandon his sinking ship. Irish MEP calls out EU as Nazi warmongers. Doctor issues warning vaccinated mothers’ breast milk secreting mRNA vaccine into newborns. Biden’s vaccine propaganda program revealed. American physicians sue FDA over ivermectin lies. Iran riots may be globalist psy-op. SO MUCH MORE news and analysis!
SCP140 – We open with the Russian annexation of 4 territories and analyze the fallout that may occur. Nobody believes US didn’t sabotage German pipeline. UN partners with Google to censor internet. Brazil election steal identical to Trump 2020. Maricopa county prepares to steal election from Kari Lake. Trudeau working for China. Lots of world news and analysis.
SCP139 – Trudeau tries to sneak bill C-11 censorship bill through Senate without consulting aboriginal organizations. At the same time Jacinda Ardern begs the UN for global censorship initiative as New Zealand wakes up and turns against her. Col. Douglas Macgregor gives us huge information on Russia, Ukraine and the pipeline sabotage. Mosquitoes successfully vaccinate humans. Michigan arrests election fraudster. Much more news and analysis.
SCP138 – The world has just been blown up by Joe Biden, who deliberately incriminates USA in the sabotage of Russia-Germany pipeline. We show all the evidence this was set up, and how it was done. Trudeau and Singh are disowned by provincial parties, the end is near for their political careers as Canada agrees the parties are being destroyed by their “leadership.”
SCP137 – Massive world news day. We open up with some fun speculation and then get into real news. Anti-globalist Giorgia Meloni becomes Italy’s first female prime minister, devastating globalists and EU. Canada dropping all travel measures to avoid legal defeat. China sets up police in Canada, cracking down on citizens abroad. New British PM turns on the oil industry, frustrating globalist plans. So much more world news!
SCP136 – Very fun episode. In a surprising turn of events Joe Biden declares the pandemic over, inadvertently crippling Trudeau’s vaccine grift. Trudeau booed in England over Bohemian Rhapsody scandal. Federal government to drop remaining travel restrictions. Liberal government blocking natural gas from helping Europe. Putin declares referendums for eastern Ukraine to join Russia. So much more news and political analysis.
SCP135 – Cottagers have been trying to stop the mass eradication of life in Lake Miramichi since 2021. Despite nobody wanting it, the Government of New Brunswick is caught red handed poisoning the entire lake, potentially poisoning humans and aiming to destroy all life under the spurious claim that smallmouth bass are an invasive species. We analyze the insanity.
SCP134 – We analyze the wild numbers from Poilievre’s leadership election and question whether voting machines gave globalist Jean Charest a push. Foul-play or not, Poilievre faces election integrity issues he must deal with. The clown world continues as the Democrats freak out when illegal immigrants show up in their neighbourhoods. New documentary exposes Kamloops “mass grave” hoax? Global News on brink of collapse as government bribes dry up. Sweden’s socialist Prime Minister defeated by patriots in election. So many more wins as we analyze the world of news and politics.
SCP133 – Tons of vital information packed into this one. Poilievre’s landslide victory shakes Trudeau as the Conservatives rally behind freedom and the blue collar revolution. We give our analysis of the prospective Prime Minister and delve into the challenges he faces ahead. Liberal party members break from Trudeau in the media, want to abandon woke agenda. King Charles declares military force is necessary against his people in the name of climate change. Vaccine revelations are bringing justice closer to reality. Twitter destroyed in Senate hearing. So much more news and analysis.
SCP132 – With the death of the queen, King Charles III finally comes into his crown. We politely remind Canadians that the monarchy isn’t the way their PR team portrays them. Dutch Farmers topple the agriculture minister who admits what the government wants him to do is impossible – the farmers won’t let him. Facebook being removed from corporate logins as the company collapses. So much more important politically relevant news and analysis.
SCP131 – Massive worldwide wins. CNN’s move to purge leftists may actually signal the last gasp of a dying company. Chile overwhelmingly rejects world’s most progressive constitution in huge anti-globalist victory. UK’s new PM Liz Truss might be making moves to prove she is with the people, not the globalists. UK ends vaccinations for 5-11 year olds in quick turnabout. Trudeau forms “green” police. We analyze her potential futures. Nurses found liable for following orders in North Carolina in massive court ruling. More news and political analysis!
SCP130 – Another packed episode. German protests hit the streets in response to Foreign Affairs minister saying she doesn’t care what her voters want. Massive Prague rally demands government resignation by Sept 25. Whistleblower blows the lid off of Twitter bot scandal – 80% of accounts may be bots. Jacinda Ardern support collapses in New Zealand. New jabs not even human tested, FDA approves anyway. Trudeau threatens mandates to push untested Omicron jabs (is Omicron still around?) Australia finds doctors can sue over jab directives. Alberta conservatives need patriot volunteers to count votes. “Mystery virus” narrative makes us laugh. So much more in a huge episode!
SCP129 – A great episode as desperate Biden and globalists can’t stop getting clowned by the internet. In a creepy speech like something out of V for Vendetta, Biden basically calls MAGA a small fringe minority (who had more legitimate votes than any president in history). Accuses them of being violent extremists and a threat to democracy. Belgian farmers take over government buildings. Italy burns power bills in the streets. 22,000 Colorado residents have electric company take over their thermostats and lock them out. Australian Senator vows justice against WEF stooges. Many laughs and we analyze the political repercussions and how this will affect Trudeau, Biden and the world.
SCP127 – We open with Mark Zuckerberg admitting Facebook conspired with the FBI to censor Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election. Democrats at each other’s throats in the US as the party keeps tanking. Energy bills bankrupting western society. Windsor front line workers take City of Windsor to court over civil rights. University of Western Ontario grants vax exemptions to nobody… unless you donate to them. England “migrant” invasion more sinister than it appears? We discuss this and more news and politics.
SCP126 – Great variety of news today. Pair pleads guilty to stealing the Biden diary. Sex abuse implied by diary. Federal Conservative leadership candidate Scott Aitchison outs himself, says “offering” vaccines does not infringe peoples’ rights. Backs Liberal party forcing vaccines on people. Fauci resigns (hooray). More news from across the pond. Fun episode!
SCP125 – We interview the last surviving signatory of the Charter of Rights, who shatters misconceptions and blows our minds with the simplicity of the law. How the Charter reigns supreme. How it was written to avoid government abuse, and how things have gone wrong. We talk problems and solutions in this blockbuster interview you can’t miss if you want to save Canada!
Brian Peckford’s Blog – https://peckford42.wordpress.com/
Douglas W. Allen’s cost-benefit analysis study – https://www.sfu.ca/~allen/LockdownReport.pdf
SCP124 – Lots of news! We open with Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector who 29 years ago warned us exactly how the globalists plan works. Pfizer data showed 44% of pregnant women lost their babies in vaccine trials. British Columbia forcing all pregnant staff to get vaccinated, any who decide to protect their babies will be financially ruined. Senator Ron Johnson pleas with doctors and nurses to end the madness and speak out. Jason Kenney sides with Trudeau against Alberta on sovereignty bill. So much more news and analysis.
SCP123 – A landslide of victories in this news day. Artur Pawlawski to run for MLA. Democracy Fund obliterates $1,000,000 in covid fines. Veterans Affairs prescribes suicide to mental health patient. Digital ID dead in the water? Massive child deaths in UK statistics rock vax program. Ontario judge rules children cannot be forcibly vaccinated. Wyoming ousts Cheney in huge blow to globalists. Ukraine trying to blow up nuclear power plant. Google censors internet. SO MUCH MORE!
SCP122 – Great news day with lots of wins. Fines scrapped in Saskatchewan court. Quebec Conservative Party launches Freedom 22 platform, wrenching health care from government monopoly. The Democracy Fund takes U of T to court over their extortion scheme to force-vaccinate students. Alberta Liberal party hits deadline with NOBODY putting their name in for leadership as Trudeau support non-existent. 14 FBI agents turn whistleblower in USA.
SCP121 – A massive episode ties a dozen threads of breaking news together. Nancy Pelosi’s son went with her to Taiwan, his own shady business dealings might be the reason they put the entire US at risk. Victoria moves to ban fossil fuels in new homes. ArriveCAN heavily violating human rights, sending people into isolation by “mistake.” Thousands of students face suspension as Canadians reject all vaccines, not just the covid jab. So much more news and politics, you won’t want to miss this one!
SCP119 – In an insane turn of events, Joe Biden’s FBI have abandoned all pretense and raided Donald Trump. Democrats pass inflation bill, spending almost $1 Trillion and hiring over 80,000 new IRS agents to harass the public. More news and political analysis.
SCP118 – We cover big news. Prairies shut down Trudeau’s starvation policy. Taiwan situation causes problems for neighbouring countries, Pelosi snubbed in Korea. Japan rejects digital currency, shutting down globalist plans. Lots more fun!
One of Canada’s most inspiring freedom fighters has launched from Newfoundland to complete his cross-Canada march for freedom. He seeks an audience with the Military Ombudsman who has yet to address any issues of fired soldiers, vaccine injuries and the unacceptable abuse our soldiers are suffering under the Trudeau mandates. Truly one of Canada’s finest, this is history in the making.
SCP117 – We open with disastrous polls for Trudeau that show most Canadians have woken up and disapprove of the failing PM. Court documents reveal travel restrictions had no scientific basis. Scotland numbers prove causal effect between vaccines and excess deaths. Australian senator outlines globalist plans in parliament. Lots more news and political analysis.
SCP116 – Huge variety of news, another ER doc dies in Ontario, a 27 year old triathlete. Hospitals can no longer cover this up. University of Toronto forces students into boosters to supply Moderna with guinea pigs after big money deal. Canada rejects Pope’s apology. Veteran arrested in England for sharing a facebook post. West Virginia bans globalist banks. SO much more!
SCP115 – Tamara Lich is free! Judge destroys prior decision. Dutch farmers ramp it up, flaming manure all over roads in Netherlands. German government admits vaccine affects. 4 ER doctors dead, Ontario doctors will not support further mandates. Manitoba only to 4 jab the elderly and infirm, so they can hide the murders. More news and analysis.
SCP114 – Another packed episode. Ireland may soon see an uprising as they target farmers for destruction. We discuss whether bribed CBC employees may face crimes against humanity and huge prison sentences. New York concentration camp destroyed by hero lawyer. Congressman targets Bill Gates. NY Times calls for cannibalism. Lots more news.
SCP113 – We are reaching game over in Canada for Trudeau and the globalists. Massive legal wins back to back vindicate anyone targeted by lockdowns, arrests and tickets. Canadian Military is done with vaccines, mandates are gone, nail in the coffin for Trudeau’s globalist plans. Rafael Nadal has Vax attack on camera. WHO majority against monkeypox declaration. NHL star players leaving Canada. Home CANNIBALISM kit reported on fox news?!?! SO MUCH MORE news and analysis, the globalists getting destroyed in Canada! It looks like the end is near for the traitors.
SCP112 part2 – Jacinda Ardern begs Kiwis not to listen to anybody but the government about Covid information. Daily Wire posting non-stop vaccine deaths of healthy athletes. Australia targets veteran police for 4th booster shot or get fired, ONLY people in Australia to require 4 shots. TRUMP/DESANTIS Dream Team coming???? The world could be in for a huge golden age. So much more stuff.
SCP112 part1 – An episode so big we had to split it in two. Joe Rogan makes headlines calling Trudeau a communist (again)… nobody defends Trudeau in response. Many Canadians have no idea that Canada is the nation who freed the Netherlands from Nazi rule in WW2. The Dutch still have parades celebrating Canada’s role in freeing their nation. Canadian gold medal figure skater Jamie Sale has come out and said she is willing to lose everything to bring the truth to the public. Massive legal victories against Chief Public Health officers Deena Hinshaw and Bonnie Henry. Much more news and analysis.
SCP111 – The polls are in, globalist leaders have as close to zero percent support as humanly possible. Only a tiny minority of Canadians support Trudeau agenda items. Joe Biden desperately flails at Climate dictatorship in an obvious last ditch effort, while only 1% of voters think Climate is most important.
Populist leaders rise, globalists despised. 3/4 parties do not even show to Mario Draghi’s confidence vote ending his reign in Italy. Are we in the final days of our traitorous leaders? News and analysis!
SCP110 – Huge victories for freedom today, Pat King goes home to his family. British potential PM exposed as WEF stooge. Joe Biden sent packing by Saudi Arabia. Only 3% of parents are injecting their toddlers exposing massive power of independent media. Weather channel propaganda exposed. Switzerland to go against bankers? So much more news and analysis.
SCP109 – Massive info episode will raise your Political IQ in an all-issues update, 1 hour for a grasp on a massive amount of topics. Headlining: new archaeological evidence suggests media and Trudeau hoaxed residential school graves in Kamloops, BC. Mary Ng, Canada’s Minister of International Trade censors her own conversation on the censorship bill C-11, caught red-handed. CBC whistleblower on how CBC purged principled reporters. How the US funded Palestinian weapons deals. Is Victoria’s Secret that the women are part of the catalogue? Epstein was a heavy investor… Dozens of topics rapid fired! Get your Political IQ jacked into you like Neo!
SCP108 – In a massive world news episode, the Dutch convoys overwhelm the nation, reigniting Canadian freedom fighters. Macron is defeated by a coalition of Nationalist parties effectively ending his reign. Mario Draghi looks next to fall with Italians taking over the country. Armenia storms government trying to get at politicians, army steps into defense role. So much more news and political analysis.
SCP107 – Trudeau is on notice by Canadian Wheat Growers – if he doesn’t back off his globalist policies he may be on the brink of another national rebellion. Crown Prosecutor targeting Tamara Lich is a devout Trudeau donor. Feds paid $1.6 billion in overtime to employees at home while private businesses were forced to close. Sri Lanka storms presidential palace with massive demonstration. WEF says higher gas prices are needed “to save democracy.” More news and analysis.
SCP106 – In an obvious kangaroo court, a corrupt judge has likened Tamara Lich to a dangerous terrorist and thrown the grandmother and freedom award winner in jail on mischief charges. Japanese former Prime Minister and anti-globalist Shinzo Abe is assassinated in broad daylight. James Topp announces march will continue to Newfoundland. Elon Musk cancels Twitter deal. More global news and analysis.
SCP105 – We analyze the globalist collapse as we watch the free-fall in real time. The Georgia Guidestones have been demolished, Boris Johnson resigns and Europe is in a full fledged revolution. Vaccines are now the number one killer in Alberta, surpassing dementia. Pfizer blasted for legal defense: the government knew we were committing fraud. On top of that, medical journals are flooding the world with proof the vaccines are causing mass death and there is no escape for Pfizer and the globalist puppets in all of our countries.
SCP104 – 500 sub special, we thank our listeners the best way we know how: the biggest blockbuster news day ever will launch your IQ into the stratosphere! Circulation journal proves and publishes Vax causes heart attacks, end is near for globalist injection program – globalists in full panic! Boris Johnson health and finance minister resign, his end seems near in England. Christine Anderson has a message for Canadian freedom fighters. Dutch convoys take over the country, Police shoot at farmer in massive escalation. James Topp court marshalled by military. Travel chaos deliberate sabotage by government? We explain why they might be behind it. FBI app to track your children. So much more you can’t miss this, one of our best episodes ever!
SCP103 – Important, share! Bill C-11 must be defeated to save online content creators from being wiped off the internet.
In an electric Independence Day news episode we show so many cracks in the globalist system it looks like it’s about to give. First we open up talking about how it’s time for freedom fighters to have a mission. The teams are lined up, the people are awake and they are about to enlist and get mobilized. Netherlands is in a full revolt against their globalist government. Los Angeles has a fireworks rebellion for Independence day, is California about to explode into a patriot state? EU warns booster shots destroy immune system, it makes mainstream news. Hungarian MP in bombshell directly connects vaccinations to 20% drop in reproduction rates. De-trans wave hits, some realize they have been victimized by an irreversible surgical nightmare.
So much more news and political analysis, don’t miss this one!
SCP102 – We highlight Canada’s heroes in a news packed Canada Day podcast. James Topp’s 4,300km journey ends at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Poilievre marches shoulder to shoulder with Topp during the final leg of his epic journey. Ottawa erupts into patriotism, massive crowds and an indomitable spirit. Criminal report comes out on vaccine lies. Dr. Zelenko dead at 48. Massive pilot shortage causing airport cancellations. Madrid NATO summit talks war with Russia. Birth rate crash after vaccines. Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years. Much more news and analysis.
SCP101 – Back to another big news episode! Tamara Lich arrested by corrupt Trudeau police. James Topp issues invitation to Jagmeet Singh. Singh admits Trudeau has lost support. Poilievre to take Conservative leadership easily. World Economic Forum has strategic intelligence website that lays out plans for global domination. Kamala Harris wants abortion vouchers. Putin addresses anti-globalist world leaders.
SCP100 – We celebrate episode 100 by diverting from news and facts and delving into the realm of mystery. We drink beers and find some interesting new information about Ottawa’s Demon Spider!
SCP99 – In a massive Canada and US focused news episode we pack in a huge amount of information. Ukraine bans opposition parties as Zelensky takes complete authoritarian control of the country. Ironically Trudeau takes a world tour focused on how he will continue defending democracy around the world (I suppose by helping form dictatorships). Poilievre and Bergen hide from James Topp in Ottawa event. Theresa Tam gets a 22% raise for her fantastic work during the pandemic (presumably when she will have less work to do as it’s died off), at the same time FOIA released data from Nova Scotia proves the vaccines did nothing to prevent covid (blamed) diagnoses, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated. Antifa and BLM appear to be almost completely disbanded as they have little showing over the feared riots over Roe v Wade decision. So much more news and analysis you don’t want to miss.
SCP98 – We have a huge variety of news, starting with Canadian news. Trudeau’s focus on the globalist agenda has allowed the basic federal government functions to fall apart and people are definitely noticing. His failures are piling up and Pollievre and the Conservative party appear to be running circles around him as far as solutions for Canadians. China exposes the weapon Trudeau and Freeland have been trying to set up in Canada. Texas threatens secession in 2023, Britain claims Polio outbreak and is the US government funding human hybridization projects?
SCP97 – We open with some US and global news, then get into Trudeau’s bill C-11 that will censor the internet for Canadians. Danielle Smith vows Alberta Sovereignty bill immediately if she becomes premiere. Then we talk about the Kansas Cattle Collapse, and how it is nothing compared to the massive weakness in the entire beef industry – a few corporations could collapse the industry worldwide. London Ontario launches cricket factory for human consumption.
SCP96 – Canada’s insider political/military/journalist podcast
Freedom George Freed! Trudeau and Freeland can’t answer questions. Mainstream media agrees with us, the Trudeau brand is now political poison. Senate is protecting Canadians. Travel mandates fall, but last week they said it wouldn’t happen. Trudeau and the Liberal Gov’t are collapsing and we cover all the news and explain what went wrong. If you want to understand politics, this episode explains why and how Canadian Patriots are taking over the country.
SCP95 – It looks like the writing is on the wall for Trudeau and Singh’s party leadership as their lies and corruption have been exposed to the public. Poilievre metaphorically spits in James Topp’s face putting his sincerity in question. A majority of Liberal caucus members now want all pandemic restrictions dropped and Trudeau may be brought down if he doesn’t comply. Singh has collapsed almost all NDP voting blocks, and if Trudeau, Freeland, their entire Cabinet and Singh aren’t ousted the parties may face extinction. Justin Bieber gets vax injured, might be nail in the coffin of big pharma’s plans.
SCP94 – We open with Canadian and world news, then address the hidden holy war catching the non-religious completely unaware. Media has invented SADS and SIDS (Sudden death syndrome) to hide vax death. Majority of Canadians don’t trust journalists. Operation Maple Leaf launching as Americans commit to help Canada’s freedom fighters. Are China and Russia planning invasion?
SCP93 – In another explosive interview, Dr. Bryan Ardis returns with more great news. His doctors have acquired samples of vaccines and they may be close to the proof of murder. Doctors may be close to curing the vaccines. Then we get into the clandestine holy war that is raging around the covid takeover. Human sacrifice, the bible, spirituality and the religious revival that is rising worldwide as people are realizing they are surrounded by a co-ordinated enemy that worships evil itself.
SCP92 – We go over world news – Bilderberg group appears to be addressing their collapsing regime, Sri Lankan revolution targets politicians, media and government workers. They know who destroyed their country and so do Canadians. We review how the overconfidence of the globalists has led to a massive miscalculation of the public response, and that Canadian politicians need to wake up and fear the public.
We catch you up on a variety of important news. The WHO is forced to backtrack on pandemic treaty as massive worldwide dissent shakes the globalist agenda. Canadians plan to arrest politicians. Ontario election. James Topp marches through Ontario. Poilievre interviewed by Jordan Peterson. Fauci says pox vaccines deadly to the immune suppressed.
SCP90 – It’s time to get our political prisoners out! Another episode of big wins as the freedom movement grows. Globalists are desperate, and now Trudeau is trying to grab guns in preparation against the “peasant revolt.” We show you how unvaccinated people can travel across the border. China could be making preparations for hot war. Murderous hamsters. And plenty more global news shows the resistance is winning.
Bart sends a message to fellow patriots. Canadian spirit cannot be broken.
SCP89 – Trudeau wins the golden pig award from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Also, Trudeau hides where $600M media bailout money went. Then Alberta Conservatives deliver by bringing in Elections Alberta and the RCMP to investigate thousands of votes paid for on 8 credit cards as Kenney appears to be in hot water for a second time. Will Imran Khan to take back Pakistan from the globalists with massive popular support?
SCP88 – Our military IQ jumps 100% with this intense interview with Col. Douglas Macgregor. He exposes the real current situation in Ukraine, we delve into the potential collapse of the UN and NATO power, how the US military has degraded, Russia/China/Western relations and important issues you need to know about global defense.
SCP87 – We start with the Canadian statistics and other evidence that shows a majority of Canadians will resist and ultimately defeat WHO and WEF attempts to rule the country. Signs Elon Musk is on our side. Then we get into videos of the World Economic Forum speakers that reveal them as con-men who can’t deliver on their promises to the world’s most prominent billionaires and corporations.
SCP86 – Sri Lanka’s politicians are running for the hills. Half of Biden’s twitter followers fake. Hunter Biden’s laptop emails made public. Trudeau accused of first degree murder. Monkeypox already being ripped apart before it even starts. We cover a ton of news showing the globalist plan collapsing before our eyes as freedom and truth becomes the majority.
SCP85 – In our first return interview, Tasha Fishman confirms the freedom convoy is alive and well and just took down Jason Kenney. Kenney could be caught red handed fixing the election and people are moving to audit and expose it all. Now the Convoy is turning its headlights toward Doug Ford and Ontario, vowing to make every last corrupt leader pay for what they’ve done to our glorious nation.
This is why you watch this show. Clips of our podcast taking you from March until election day on how it came to be that a globalist authoritarian Premiere and Trudeau stooge Jason Kenney had to step down despite narrowly winning his rigged leadership election. And how a small group of freedom fighters (and you guessed it… truckers) built a massive movement against him that no amount of political trickery could overcome.
SCP84 – In our most powerful interview yet Dr. Bryan Ardis expands on his previous interviews, on the cutting edge of research we cover how jabbed people can save themselves from what’s coming next. Developments in the understanding of Cancer might save millions of lives. How Covid may be designed to wipe out the Native population. So many more hard hitting topics packed into one short hour, this interview might launch you into a new stratosphere of understanding. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
SCP83 – The Canadian Military directive denied Trudeau access to use against civilians, so he hired private foreign defense contractors to use against his own citizens. A blood transfusion company, Ambrosia is harvesting the blood of young people to use in anti-aging treatments. Canada being used as staging area for foreigners to illegally enter the USA. New York Mayor backs “day of birth” abortion. And much more news and politics!
SCP82 – In another huge episode we open with some crazy videos from around the world and some great conversations of a variety of recent news. Public health officers are starting to get questions about the strange increase in all purpose deaths from 2021 (non-covid) and with pfizer data out it is painfully obvious the truth can not be avoided much longer. Russia tells the UN and USA that they can not avoid the inevitable, that the Ukraine biolabs have provided indisputable evidence that they had programs to poison the major waterways. Pope Francis appears to have flipped on Western Globalists, accusing them of instigating war with Russia. And so much more.
SCP81 – Canadian politicians are getting left in the dust as they pursue already defeated agendas, and face the turning tide of public opinion. Newly released Pfizer documents reveal over 1200 immediate deaths during vaccine trials, signifying they knew the vaccines would kill millions. BC moves to enact a systemically racist system. Pollievre vows to boycott the World Economic Forum. Jason Kenney faces a leadership review and desperately hopes Albertans forget how he trampled their rights and used the police to illegally target and demonize the freedom convoy on behalf of Trudeau’s authoritarian agenda. The Canadian Military wants to ban Christians from the chaplaincy while defending paganism.
SCP80 – We open with questioning Pelosi’s trip to Kiev that looks like green screen. Video evidence shows the police instigated the crowd at Rolling Thunder. Canada is the only country barring natural humans from travel. Social credit score being implemented. China develops AI robots to have their babies, and a very suspicious tornado hits Kansas.
SCP79 – The motorcycle rally honors veterans as Canadians reclaim their honor. We show a variety of videos that show society is waking up and entering a reflective phase where government, woke culture, mask freaks and crazy leftists are all looking like crazed outsiders and not common culture anymore. The WEF propaganda for the great reset falls flat, failure of leftist culture now seems imminent.
SCP78 – We open with a few videos of people going after Trudeau, including criminal charges. Then we get into Rolling Thunder the Motorcycle rally to honor fallen veterans. Then we show a variety of videos on the state of the world and talk about how the great awakening seems to be outpacing globalist-caused chaos.
SCP77 – Keeping with their depopulation agenda, the Trudeau government is now passing bill C-7 to help depressed people commit doctor assisted suicide. First we address the massive increase in government debt on the 2022 budget, and how Trudeau has appointed a Liberal donor to judge his review of the Emergency Act. Then show you how to get all your data that Facebook has saved on you. Rolling thunder motorcycles coming to Ottawa this Friday, major fires at US food production plants and Elon Musk has bought Twitter.
SCP76 – In an information packed episode we open with Canada’s Bill S-7 which will allow border agents to take all digital information you try to bring across the border. Phones, laptops, nothing is safe. Then we get into the collapse of globalist media giants which may signal the fundamental weakness of the supports propping up corrupt politicians. We update the Shanghai situation and then bring some science under the microscope adding to our information on vaccines.
SCP75 – Yuval Noah Harari has been telling us for years that humans are now hackable animals. He claims we have agreed to put tracking systems under our skin. But what are the true capabilities of a graphene nanotech neural network? It turns out, in theory, it can completely take over your brain by remote control. We show you the science that makes this possible.
SCP74 – We open with some world news, then discuss how Canada needs to focus on the big issue: vax genocide is enough for all of us to take down the government. Then we talk about how everyone has mobilized to debunk Bryan Ardis’ venom theory. We tackle his top detractor, Dr. Richard Fleming appears on Infowars and tries to convince us Ardis is wrong. Alex Jones appears suspect.
SCP73 – We open with Trudeau’s connection to Billionaire Barry Sherman’s murder. The Ontario Party puts in a petition to ban digital ID. Is the New York subway shooting fake? We analyze a video showing the evidence. January 6 vindication as video shows police letting people into the building. Finally we show all of Bryan Ardis’ videos with the bombshell evidence that Covid is a poison developed using Cobra venom. All symptoms confirm, and the shots splice snake genes into human genes to produce venom. It sounds crazy, but we show how it all makes sense.
Vancouver comes up huge protesting Bill Gates. We catch up on some world news, and then focus on how the massive fraud now exposed surrounding injections is the key to going after all of the corrupt officials in the country and the world who have committed genocide for money. Everything else is a distraction.
SCP70 – Decorated soldier James Topp began his march at the Terry Fox statue in Vancouver. He is about to hit the Saskatchewan border and will end his historical march by honoring the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. Canadians are once again watching history in the making, and each and every one of us can take part. In this impassioned interview he gives voice to the millions of Canadians who want to win their freedom back, and a heartfelt address to the young Canadian soldiers who may feel like they can’t speak out.
SCP69 – We open with an assortment of US news as Biden looks on verge of destruction. The Arizona AG says big election fraud was caught, people will be prosecuted. Dr Noack warned us about graphene HYDROxide (not Oxide) and was murdered immediately after his bombshell video. Then we have some fun getting into the crazy world of Troy McLachlan’s “Saturn Death Cult.” Could he be revealing the great secret of the elites about earth’s hidden history?
SCP68 – When you think things can’t possibly get crazier…
In another massive episode we open with Canadian news and then; a massive group of Scientists present findings on how the nanotech in the vaccines works… truly terrifying if this is confirmed. We show Theresa Tam admitting she hired Google, Twitter and Facebook to manipulate people into taking vaccines back in MAY 2019, 6 months before covid. Australia appears to be caught RED HANDED using weather warfare on its own people, which could bring down the government if it goes viral. Dr Sucharit Bakti warns people not to fall for the next Vax, a supposed AIDS cure. Then we question weather the Vatican, Jesuits and Trump need a closer look.
SCP67 – The world is about to change. Zeee Media (Maria Zee) presents bombshell confirmation from doctors, scientists and researchers worldwide proving nanotech in all covid shots, react to smart phones and contain toxic graphene oxide. The Australian Senate has officially recognized the evidence and blown the conspiracy wide open. We show a 169 page document exposing everyone connected with the genocide. Trudeau has partnered with the WEF to install a digital ID for travel. China locks down 28 million people in Shanghai leading to mass suicides and starvation.
Nanotech confirmed worldwide, evidence presented by Zeee Media full video; reacts to smartphones
SCP66 – The supposed Kiev massacre seems exposed on video as another fake. Putin calls out the west for engineering their own economic collapse as Europe’s inflation hits devastating heights. Then we show the “World Government Summit” talking about how countries are planning the elimination of cash much sooner than you might think. Then we found some very strange situations surrounding the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
SCP65 – Harvard medical, Mayo clinic, now Calgary doctor Eric Payne gives us insider insight into what is going on in the medical system in Canada. He answers tough questions about the vaccines, covid statistics and nanotech. We ask about vaccines inducing AIDS and he confirms he has seen data to support that.
SCP64 – We open up looking at some manufactured reality, Trudeau warns they are going to cause massive food and energy shortages. Then we take a look at the “World Government Summit” of the world economic forum. Then we talk about Attorney Todd Calendar’s testimony warning that the vaccines induce AIDS in order to deliver their gene editing mRNA. Ukraine is using red cross vehicles for cover, and lots more world news and some tech.
SCP63 – Another packed episode begins with the announcement of “Rolling Thunder,” the bikers go to Ottawa April 29-30! Then Crown Prosecutors persecute Trudeau’s political opponents (Hillier, Lich, Barber, King, Freedom George) on his behalf exposing total and obvious corruption in the judicial system. Ukraine Nazis how ordered to castrate Russian POWs as they get more monstrous the more we learn about them. Huge amounts of deaths are piling up among the 3vaxxed.
SCP62 – First we show Justin Trudeau getting absolutely eviscerated at the EU when most of the MP’s walk out on him before he can speak. Then we show Jason Kenney obviously fixing the election with mail-in voting in order to save himself from getting voted out as leader. Mainstream news is now reporting that globalism is dead, life insurance is now denied if you die from vaccine, flamethrower drones starting fires, and video showing chemtrails.
SCP61 – We address the pro-nazi propaganda targeting jews that is one the rise… but first:
A dire announcement from Dr. Nagase warns us the vaccine may have permanently poisoned the human genome and could wipe out most of humanity within a few generations. Jim Rickards warns the elites have a plan to shut down all banks at the same time. Then we get into a history of evil, from ancient times to the Nazis to modern day elites.
SCP60 – In this episode we open with news of a human chain forming across Canada on April 30. Then we get into the NDP handing Trudeau his official guarantee that no matter how bad he gets they will not vote him out of office. Poison control issues warnings against home covid test kits, and mainstream news is now reporting vaccine deaths as the death toll becomes impossible to ignore.
SCP59 – In our most shocking episode yet, factory style butchery at planned parenthood is revealed by undercover camera. The episode is also packed with lots more: Journalists expose bribery on live TV, Joe Biden call recorded conspiring against Trump, new technology, health officials resigning worldwide and we look at the data causing the mass resignations. Then we finish off with Yuval Harari, Klaus Schwab’s number 2 explaining the social credit score and tracking system that appears to be connected to the vaccines.
SCP58 – We open with some news on the freedom front, then get right into a huge issue – doctors and nurses are exposing the government narrative and revealing how dangerous these vaccines really are. But we also look back into Typhoid and Polio and find some suspicious data. We also reveal direct connections between Trudeau, Freeland and the Nazi party of Ukraine.
SCP57 – We interview freedom movement insider and Director of Taking Back Our Freedoms, Tasha Fishman. She drops big news: Convoy 2.0 is already rolling and the truckers will keep hitting Ottawa and across Canada until they win our freedom for good. First we talk about how she woke up and rescued her children from public school, incorporating “Unschooling.” Then we get into working with Brian Peckford (Chairman of TBOF and final surviving signer of the Charter of Rights) and what the freedom movement is up to and how YOU can join.
SCP56 – Westerners tricked by globalist media are arriving in Ukraine and finding themselves in a nightmare situation. The war they have been told about doesn’t exist. They are received by Nazi soldiers who send them to fight with no kit, no ammo, and threaten to kill anyone who tries to leave. We also discuss breaking info regarding Canada, Vaccines and more in a packed episode.
SCP55 – Russian artists burn a symbolic tower of Babel, we show inside a bot farm used to control online sentiment, an Australian MP says point blank that the World Economic Forum and the UN are running Australia. Then we play a video of Erin O’Toole exposing Trudeau sending bioweapons to China. A video allegedly shows a Russian hacker inside the vaccine tracking system and how the nanotech is used to track your biometric data and location. Media is now running cover for a mysterious “brain fog” apparently affecting 600 million people worldwide that causes memory loss. Ukrainian president wears a Nazi iron cross to press conference.
SCP54 – We open starting with Duckduckgo going globalist and censoring content, so we found gibiru.com as an alternative. Then we discuss how the globalist narrative is now being rejected worldwide, including in the UN security council meeting, signaling collapse of the globalist world order as a whole. WHO exclusive by Reuters shows EU and WHO are both implicated in Ukraine bioweapons. Then we talk Cyber Polygon, the world economic forum wargaming a massive cyber attack. And a hugely invasive census in Ireland warns us what is coming in Canada.
SCP53 – We open with blanket admissions by the USA that yes, they have US funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine, and they are concerned Russia will get ahold of them. The globalists are building mercenary armies using extremists from the middle east to join in defending Ukraine, and even Switzerland has broken their neutrality as the globalists go all in on defending their flagship of corruption. Who is going to pay for the mercenaries? Apparently US taxpayers, to the tune of $14 Billion. Trudeau has decided to ramp up the war rhetoric as he claims he is ready for NATO article 5, which would take Canada into war with Russia.
SCP52 – We open discussing Trudeau’s shift in narrative to focus Canadians on war and the “climate crisis” (as if anyone asked for that). We discuss how his moves are designed to further indebt Canadians and how he continues to destroy the middle class. Also we discuss a video showing Lindsey Graham and John McCain actually went over to Ukraine to pledge to them that they would start a war with Russia and do everything in their power to supply Ukraine with everything they need to defeat them. Then we get into how Putin is putting Russia on a gold standard, and how this could absolutely devastate the US dollar and world hegemony.
SCP51 – We open with massive protests still going strong, then discuss a major global bust of child sex abusers. Then we discuss Russia exposing documents showing the Ukrainian biolabs had stockpiles of plague, cholera, anthrax and other deadly bioweapons that were ordered to be destroyed by the US on the same day Russia invaded. Russia also claims the Chernobyl reactor was being used for plutonium separation for the creation of dirty bombs.
SCP50 – A study from Lund University in Sweden has proven that the jab does indeed reprogram DNA, proving once again mainstream media and big tech have been lying all along. Chile has passed a new law protecting genetic mutants from being discriminated against, which shows that the transhumanist agenda is now being recognized officially in government and law. Pfizer has been forced to release their adverse reactions data showing they’ve known since April 2021 about terrible side effects. We have an in-depth analysis of the evidence and how there will be a reckoning coming for government officials who have been proven to be lying to the public.
SCP49 – We show the depth of Christia Freeland’s interconnections with the rise of Nazism in Ukraine, her deep personal connections with George Soros and how Trudeau and Freeland both are using Canadian money and weapons to support the Nazi army. Even worse, the Nazi Azov Battalion has a child soldier program, all under the support of the Ukrainian government.
SCP48 – We open with some Canadian news, including Canada’s role in arming civilians against the Russian military. If that wasn’t bad enough, we found out that the Canadian military also went over to Ukraine to train the Nazi Azov battalion, and while they had no concerns about training avowed Nazis in Ukraine, they were concerned that the newspaper might write about it. Then we get into what we found about not only the biolabs in Ukraine that Putin may be targeting, but also that the Malaysia airlines flight shot down over Ukraine in 2014 was filled with 100 scientists heading to a global AIDS conference, and many believe it had a devastating impact on HIV research and breakthroughs that may have been emerging. We then finish with bombshell statistics out of the UK that the mortality rate of vaccinated people has skyrocketed, up 48% since just last month, and showing no signs of letting up. The vaccinated in the UK now represent 90% of “Covid” deaths, raising a lot of suspicions about the vaccines.
SCP47 – Alert! Do not stay distracted, Trudeau is slipping 3 bills through that will end freedom in Canada. Bill C-11 will control online content creators, Bill C-36 will outlaw speaking against the government, and Bill S-233 will bring in a communist economy – universal basic income bill. We discuss these three bills in depth and how bad they really are. Do not miss this one, you need to know this if you care about saving Canada!
SCP46 – We sort Ukraine situation fact from fiction, discuss Trudeau connections with Ukraine and go in-depth on using the historical precedent to be able to understand the reality of the current war against the globalists.
SCP45 – In this episode we discuss how Trudeau has spent hundreds of billions of dollars with no oversight and refuses to give an accounting of where the money was spent. Then we get into how Putin publicly tells Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum that their plan for world domination will fail. Klaus Schwab warns of a massive global “cyber pandemic,” and then we show a scientific study from Cambridge that confirms that nanotech computing systems are indeed inside of the vaccines.
SCP44 – We discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the major globalist criminal stronghold. Biden and the globalist media have been beating war drums and Putin decides to strike first. The globalists are weak and collapsing, their narrative and media no longer believed by the public, and with uprisings against them all over the world, Putin takes the opportunity to hit their NATO warfront before they can launch an attack. We also discuss how Trudeau has trained the Chinese army in Canada to invade us.
SCP43 – We shot this on Feb 22 (before episode 42), so it was before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Had to hold it back and edit because we included some unverified info on the Convoy that turned out to be false so we cut it out. However, you can check out all our thoughts on the Ukraine situation before Russia invaded, and we also discuss how the truckers should do like Kyle Rittenhouse and go after the media.
SCP42 – The Senate has tanked Trudeau’s power grab! Now he will face a national review by an independent commissioner, which will not go well for him as he will have to produce evidence of the emergency and justify how he used his powers. Newsflash, he can’t.
Then we get into how Klaus Schwab’s transhumanist agenda is a huge part of why Trudeau can’t back down from his vaccine mandates.
SCP41 – The NDP hands Trudeau his dictatorship, passing the Emergency Act extension with every single vote for the Liberal and NDP parties in favor. We discuss how the NDP is fully on board with making Trudeau a dictator and there is nothing now they will deny him. Across Canada, police are hunting, arresting and harassing every patriotic Canadian they can find. Call your senator and get this shut down!
SCP40 – Trudeau feared the growing Freedom Convoy movement so much, it appears he has hired foreign mercenaries to savage the peaceful protestors and force them out of Ottawa. And now they are terrorizing the city. It is now fairly clear the police force Canada wide has betrayed us and are surrendering the nation over to a Trudeau dictatorship. Our only defense may be the military.
SCP39 – The Freedom Convoy is rolling out of Ottawa, but not before doing massive damage to the Trudeau regime and Klaus Schwab. They have effectively pulled back the curtain and removed their major defense – invisibility – and now the world is wise to what is going on. We show how Trudeau has revealed himself as an aspiring dictator and how the Convoy has many options open to keep rolling through Canada and delivering freedom.
SCP38 – Trudeau declares war on Canadians. Beatings, kidnappings, and tramples an old lady on a scooter, who the Ottawa police claims is a protestor who threw a bike at them. We have videos of all the crimes committed by the force of jackboots that Trudeau has amassed from all over Ontario and Quebec to violently attack the peaceful protestors.
SCP37 – We discuss how the truckers have exposed the authoritarian regime in full, and now it’s a race to the finish. Who will stay standing and who will fold? With the high police pressure on the convoy, it is more vital now than ever that the convoy supports each other and holds the line.
SCP36 – We show that the truckers have politicians breaking behind the scenes and switching sides. The police will likely not participate in any extreme measures and Trudeau will break his party apart if he gives extreme orders. We have evidence for all of this and more. However, the truckers are under extreme pressure and just need to understand threats and fear tactics are all Trudeau has left to try to break their resolve.
Exploring Trudeau’s connections with some of the world’s most notorious elites
SCP35 – As the RCMP have resorted to committing blatant crimes against the Cootes blockade, Trudeau’s final move – to try to turn Canada into his own dictatorship – has even his staunchest defenders abandoning him as fast as they can. While the globalists crumble, the Corona Investigative Committee – with doctors and lawyers and judges worldwide – is already running mock trials in preparation for bringing the elites to justice over Covid crimes.
SCP34 – Trudeau has invoked the emergency act, as his regime crumbles around him he makes the only move left to him – taking absolute power. Shrouded in a cloak of lies, most of the country knows exactly who he works for, Klaus Schwab. But they may not know that Christia Freeland, Minister of Finance is also a Schwab puppet. And they have both been instructed by a foreigner that it would be better to turn the police on Canadians, take their bank accounts, seize their vehicles – rather than give their freedom back. The real question is… Are Canadians going to take it?
SCP33 – The government is already moving on their backup plan for the vaxx pass – a digital ID that would enslave society and block anyone without it from society. If they are allowed to continue, the outcome of segregation will remain the same; if you want freedom you cannot participate in society. We also discuss the massive increase in vaccine related deaths and how insurance companies plan to leave business owners to hold all the liability for vaccine injury and death.
SCP32 – We discuss how the world has exploded into massive protests in world capitals that now can’t possibly be stopped. This has brought a new clear and present danger – the collapse of the globalist regime is inevitable. Historically they have always used war to hold onto power in such desperate situations, and we see that shaping up as Biden and the corrupt US media demonize Russia, despite both Russia and Ukraine vehemently denying the US propaganda.
SCP31 – In this epic episode we discuss how Trudeau is getting more desperate as the globalist agenda has collapsed and he is being pressured to use military force. It may be necessary for a police and military convoy to roll to Ottawa to make sure Canadians are safe from a potential attack. Then we get into how Canada has freed the blue states, securing America’s freedom possibly for all time, as every state now has to fear the Convoy tactic. The convoy keeps getting bigger and global support only increases every day. Oh, and another thing… the Convoy has saved the children! We discuss how.
SCP30 – We update you on the convoy news, and show that the convoy won’t be swayed by empty promises. Police continue to steal fuel and have even stolen firewood from aboriginal protestors. Another police officer has come out with an emotional appeal to the Ottawa police and we believe police are starting to form alliances to support the Freedom Convoy. We end with funny convoy memes and an awesome music video.
We go through a few of Bill Gates’ insane projects that make him look like a super-villain.
SCP29 – We open by addressing the threat of police violence and kettling and explain the simple single tactic that can not only 100% counter the threat of kettling but also win over the hearts and minds of their opponents. Then we get into the mobilizations of convoys in southern Ontario much like we predicted in our strategy episode, and spotlight Saskatchewan and Alberta starting to drop mandates.
SCP28 – We discuss how Ottawa is getting so desperate they have called a state of emergency to justify breaking the law. Jagmeet Singh has joined the smear campaign spreading propaganda as the corrupt authoritarian government positions itself to use violence against the peaceful protest in Ottawa.
The Freedom Convoy has strategists working with them, so we can tell what tactics they will use to become completely invulnerable to police and corrupt government interference – and bring home the victory! We go over these simple tactics for our viewers so you can know it before you see it!
Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson and Police Chief Peter Sloly along with City Council appear to admit brazenly on camera that they have committed wire fraud against AMERICANS over gofundme for Freedom Convoy. Ron DeSantis could become a hero in Canada by defending Floridians who were defrauded. We analyze whether we think this is actually wire fraud and how DeSantis could rise to international hero status.
SCP27 – France has honored Canada front and centre of a freedom rally! First we show a bunch of inspired and love-filled countries around the world rising up in their nations’ capitals, and massive rallies across Canada over the weekend. We address how Gofundme literally tried to steal the Freedom Convoy’s money. Finally, the Ottawa police chief continues to threaten violence against the Freedom Convoy and unveils a sinister tracking program that will be used to hunt down any Canadians who show support for freedom in Ottawa. It sounds cartoonish but it’s real.
SCP26 – We expose how Trudeau has been working with the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab from the start to destroy Canada and bring in the great reset.
SCP25 – We’re sending out an SOS to help our Australian freedom fighters. Then we discuss the huge expansion of the Freedom Convoy all over Canada, and make the case that the rank and file police and military may soon take a stand for freedom.
Time to love bomb our Australian friends! What good is all this joy if we can’t spread it around?
SCP24 – The Freedom Convoy claims another politician but the Conservative Party could easily replace O’Toole with another lackey of Klaus Schwab, and the election could well be rigged. Candice Bergen fails to give truckers meaningful support, and is blown out of the water by Randy Hillier who gets it right. We reveal Trudeau’s BASED half-brother warning him he needs to step down fast, as the water is boiling around him. Then we address the Toronto Star and Ottawa police Chief Sloly threatening to use military to kill the truckers if they won’t move. We give our full analysis of this propaganda.
SCP23 – Trudeau begs other political leaders in Canada not to abandon him as corrupt media organizations and politicians also beg the truckers to stop and go home. Doug Ford pretends to care about businesses re-opening, which we have a good laugh at. Freedom Convoy is sparking mass movements worldwide and dominoes start to topple in Canada as politicians realize the jig is up and they need to save their own hides. The media’s false narrative worldwide starts to collapse as people refuse to believe Canadians are evil – completely discrediting Trudeau.
Episode 22 – The media are falling apart so bad they don’t even know how to propagandize properly in Canada, and Bart almost has a fit as the National Post uses American-style propaganda to attack Canadians… which just doesn’t work. We show how the media doesn’t know how to handle “good guys” like Canadians going against the government, and expose O’Toole as a fraud as he refuses to back the truckers’ position properly.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 21 – Truckers are coming armed with their legal Memorandum of Understanding and won’t leave Ottawa until it’s signed. 1.5 million canadians are estimated to be making their way to Ottawa and the end is coming for Trudeau’s reign of terror. We discuss how Trudeau and the media are fighting with all the weapons they’ve got left and can do nothing to stop Operation Bearhug from completing its mission and bringing an end to globalist tyranny in Canada.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 20 – The Freedom Convoy is rolling into Ottawa with a list of demands, but we ask the question if they go far enough. We ask the question how far will they need to go to actually beat Trudeau at his own game? Are they throwing up softballs? Canada has spoken, FC2022 is our citizen army and the pressure is on.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 19 – Our guest Abrielle Tempeny was working with a Child and Family Services organization until she lost her job to the vaccine mandates. She tells us how federal funds are being weaponized against social programs to force them to push false information and vaccine segregation. We also get into the scam of “big” education and her personal experiences at her psychotherapy Masters program, and more generally in her small Ontario town during covid madness.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 18 – We open with Canada and world news, then get into some crazy revelations. Klaus Schwab in 2017 brags that Trudeau and cabinet have been “penetrated” exposing them as agents working for the great reset. Then we have bombshell news of military casualties in the US from the military vaccination program and find that our own military could be in incredible danger and need our help.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 17 – If you are in any way a mature and serious adult human you should not watch this video. As a thanks to the viewers and the subscribers who are coming along for the ride with us, we give you an idea about what it would be like to just sit and chat at the pub with us (at closing time). We review crazy videos from the internet and try to wax philosophical while barely being able to see straight. Bart gets way too loud and excited at times for virtually no reason, guffawing like a buffoon. Jack begins to sound like Matthew McConaughey from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 16 – We demonstrate how the globalist agenda is being exposed to the mainstream, and liberals are finally starting to wake up. This could explain the massive numbers of protestors as right and left ally against the greater enemy of all humanity. Politicians are being exposed and their plan is failing.
Saving Canada Podcast Episode 15 – We discuss how children are being attacked >right now<. We lay the groundwork and make the case how schools have weaponized, and Canadians parents could lose their children forever. We also discuss how the current education system must be dismantled and what will replace it.
SCP14 – As the rising tide of freedom appears unstoppable in the west, England is the first to cave. The end may be nigh for Canada’s politicians as well. However, we see from WW2 things might not be so easy. We analyze how WW2 began and how we may just be getting started.
SCP13 – The Cavalry has arrived! Truckers to lock down Ottawa! Freedom Convoy 2022
SCP12 – We highlight huge wins worldwide that have the great awakening charging forward faster than the globalists can handle. As they play defense and try desperately to use political power, government stooges and brownshirts to stem the tide, we see a massive wave of liberty on the rise!
SCP11 – Fauci funded the Chapel Hill North Carolina lab’s work on gain of function research into coronaviruses. We examine the patent and see what was actually developed there, and follow the frightening developments continued in Wuhan after Fauci was forced by DARPA to shut it down in the US.
SCP10 – We show the CEO of Pfizer announcing that the first two vaccines are now essentially obsolete. Don’t worry though, they are making new ones that you should totally get now. Trudeau is caught with his pants down as he insists that truckers entering the country should be mandated to get expired vaccines. We have a few good laughs and virtual high fives as the government narrative collapses in the middle of Trudeau’s war on truckers. We analyze how the Canadian government has fallen behind the narrative and now falters under the weight of their own lies.
SCP9 – We interview Pastor James, who serves a small Canadian congregation. He exposes the roadblocks and hardships the government has caused the community, interfering with their basic need for self actualization and getting the help they need to make it through troubled times. He offers inspiring words of wisdom and hope, and gives us insight into how the major macro-forces are affecting every day people.
SCP8 – Quebec announces a “health tax” against the unvaccinated. We delve into the far deeper and more sinister issues tied to this tax program, including a monitoring system and Chinese style social credit score for the vaccinated that has already been developed in Israel.
Intro music: Ecliptic – Magnus Moone
SCP7 – We put Justin Trudeau on notice! We analyze his increasing rhetoric trying to stir up hatred towards natural humans, and then get into where we have seen this all before. 1930’s Germany of course. But how much of Trudeau’s other policies belong in 1930’s Germany? And how much is he incorporating the Chinese method? Let’s find out.
SCP4 – Lawyer Patrick Ducharme warns most Canadians are suffering a form of psychosis. We go in depth on this to see if we think he’s right.

Bartholomew Crenshaw & Jack Newsman

SCP6 – In this episode we hear from Dr. Martha Fulford about the lack of threat omicron poses to the public, and then analyze Doug Ford’s hardcore lockdowns in Ontario and how they may be influenced by a greater strategy of authoritarian lockstep designed to seize power.
SCP3 – The Employment minister tells employers to lie about why their staff are losing their jobs on ROE. We get into the potentially horrifying repercussions.

Bartholomew Crenshaw & Jack Newsman

SCP5 – Big podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience are destroying the news media demographic and getting censored information out to the public. We discuss the major impact podcasts are having on defending liberty.

SCP2 – First: Canadian news 12/31/2021. Then we analyze the rift created between two new subraces of human and what it means for the future.

Bartholomew Crenshaw & Jack Newsman

The Saving Canada Podcast Episode 1